Service package

 * Ability to diet for the first needs to put together, but time pass;
 * look at this website under "facilities" to the inventory so you can see that the house is decorated very complete;
 * for the beach:  towels, umbrellas, beach cooler and screen;
 * The pool is maintained daily, extra towels for the bath;
 * washing machines for all present.
 * Fresh herbs in planters and dried herbs / spices;
 * On arrival, a nice bottle of wine and drink for the children +
   nibbles and fruit;
 * folder with lots of info about all kinds of cultural activities and historical data, also described a number of trips;
 * file containing information about doctors, firefighters, but also restaurants, wine shops, etc.;
 * our presence as a very good source of information;
 * SPECIAL: No more washing bedding, we do that for you and give you the change weekly!
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