Castelnau d'Aude

The village of Castelnau d'Aude


Castelnau d'Aude is, like many villages in the valley of the Aude on a hill and has about 400 inhabitants. The majority of the population lives on wine or also has other work.


Our land is also surrounded by vineyards overlooking a nature reserve, here in the Languedoc Roussillon "garrigue" called.


We grow many bushes and trees, including pines and cedars, which that typical landscape of the South and which against the warmer climate can. Thyme, lavender and rosemary are the low vegetation and in the spring indicates that an explosion of colors and scents.


Near Castelnau d'Aude is the Aude River, where it's incredibly fun to picnic, not far away, the "Canal du Midi", where the tour boats and sailing along in the season and through the famous locks wrestling. Sometimes hilarious to watch. Cycling along the canal is also recommended and considerably cheaper.


Castelnau d'Aude has a large club and all major holidays are celebrated together on the square before the town hall, the "mairie" called and of course there is at large tables extensively eaten. Good food and drink is a very important condition of life here in the South.


Castelnau d'Aude apart from a small grocery store, post office, a large "boules" area


4.5 km in La Redorte is a large supermarket with a very extensive selection and a good baker!


In Lezignan (an expanded village about 10 km from Castelnau d'Aude) are all supermarkets (including Carrefour, Lidl, Aldi and Intermarché), there is a weekly market on Wednesday with a very extensive selection of vegetables, fruit, clothing, spices, fish, meat etc.  


We can incidentally serve our guests with an extensive booklet with addresses of restaurants, wine tasting and buying, markets and more serious matters, such as doctor, fire brigade etc. 





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