The city of Carcassonne is actually in two parts:

- La Cité de Carcassonne, the so-called uptown

- Carcassonne, the so-called lower city


La Cité de Carcassonne, the upper town

La Cité de Carcassonne, "Cité classe au patrimoine mondial", an old medieval fortress with a castle and a real double ramparts.One of the largest restorations of historic buildings in France and the Cité de Carcassonne is therefore the most complete city in Europe.


Carcassonne is on the world heritage list of UNESCO and receives about four million visitors a year!In short a visit to the Cité de Carcassonne and should not be missed for both children and adults very interesting.


You feel put back in time, that feeling is reinforced when you ensure early morning from Castelnau d'Aude to leave and make sure you past eight in the car park of the Cité de Carcassonne are That still empty, but also the Cité de Carcassonne itself!It is still quiet and everywhere you can take beautiful pictures.For such a tourist spot, there are fortunately good quality larger and smaller shops with a strong variety, more nice restaurants and terraces.


Carcassonne, the lower city

Carcassonne has a rich historical and cultural past, with interesting buildings, churches, market halls, shopping streets, the old bridge over the Aude, which links the downtown carcassonne and the fortified Cité de Carcassonne and last but not least, the main square " Place Carnot. "A square full of restaurants and many terraces.Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are market days of Carcassonne, which that Saturday is the most comprehensive and enjoyable.Often there on Saturday, clothing and fabric stalls in the main square "Squaire Gambetta" (direction city of Carcassonne), where you will find a big underground garage, where the Dutch standards, parking is cheap (about five minutes walk to the market ).


Municipal Tourist Office,

28, rue de Verdun,

11890 Carcassonne.

Carcassonne, the old city

gate to the old city , de ''cité''

market in Carcassonne

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